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At Beat Racing, we want to give water sports enthusiasts as many reasons to be out on the water as possible!
Our aim is to provide a variety of fun and challenge with the Beat Racing app.

Welcome to Beat Create!

Beat Create is our new mobile app and web interface. Here we have taken the creation of races and courses and made them better and much easier to use. This allows us to keep Beat Racing a stand alone tracking app which can run on older devices. As long as you start and stop in wi-fi, you don't even need data. Who doesn't have an old smart phone sitting on the shelf?

This will be the home of Beat Create. Access to the web interface will be from a login on this page.

Moving this functionality allows us to create a much better user experience and also a web based area for groups to access not only the results of the races and courses assigned to the group but also the playbacks which can be shared in a club house with a cold beer. Replay the racing and see if you really did get the perfect start!

So, where are we with this exciting step? We have uploaded the apps to the relevant stores, the IOS app is available from the 28th Feb and at the time of writing this, the Android app is awaiting Google Play approval. The web interface is under development.

We would now love your help, we would like to work with a few clubs or organisations to perfect the platform that we have created. If you are interested in being a part of the next Beat Racing development, please Contact us

If you think your club or organisation might be interested in getting out on the water, recording tracks and creating informal races, get in touch. We value your feedback and look forward to meeting you in the future!



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