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Informal Racing for Groups, Clubs & Organisations

Run racing with Beat Create

Generate handicap results, watch the race playback, race anytime with our race function. Races are created from sailors tracks recorded with Beat Racing. Races are generated after tracking has finished meaning all can compete even the nominated race officer!

How does it work?

Go Racing

Get together, decide on a course, go racing!

Create Results

Either add the marks when creating the race, or post edit the race to add lines and marks and generate handicap results.


Enjoy replaying the race at your leisure on a big screen in the clubhouse or in the app

Features & Benefits of Beat Racing

  • Creates races from recorded tracks
  • Creates competitive racing for different classes
  • Playback option to replay the race
  • Option to publish individual races or a series in advance
  • Register for race/series option for sailors
  • Creates the ability for clubs and organisations to provide informal racing
  • Removes the need for a committee boat/team
  • Removes the need for mark layers if a course can be set using existing features/marks
  • Members can view a list of scheduled races from the app
  • Playback engages sailors after racing

Subscription Options

Race with up to 3 others
View results and playback within the app
Small Group

Race with up to 5 others
View results and playback within the app and on larger screens

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Unlimited Competitors
View results and playback within the app and on larger screens
Create unlimited races per week
Publish races and series to members with the app and a handy plug in for your website

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